ArtèQ NFT Investment Fund

ArtèQ has already built channels to introduce artists and art lovers to this new way of creating and exchanging value in art through NFT. Now we want to enable a new investment opportunity for art collectors and crypto enthusiasts. We set out to create the artèQ NFT Investment Fund.


What is an Art Investment Fund?

Art Investment Fund is generally a privately offered investment dedicated to generating returns through the acquisition and disposition of artworks. As an alternative asset class, Art Investments Funds has gained popularity within the investors’ community because it tends to fare well in poor economic climates and produce returns that have little or no correlation to those of more traditional stock and bond investments, thereby helping to diversify the overall risk of an investment portfolio.


What is the artèQ NFT Investment Fund?

NFTs have taken the world by storm and have surged to a multibillion-dollar market cap and continues to grow. To benefit from this affluent market,  we decided to pioneer one of the first NFT Investment Fund in the crypto art space. The Fund is made up of a collection of the most sought-after NFTs (tokenized analog or digital artworks) gathered by our expert teams.


How does artèQ NFT Investment Fund work?

Our expert teams have first-hand experience in handling NFTs and nurture a strong network of artists and collectors, which enables artèQ investment fund to have access to works of art from all around the globe Along with the artèQ auction house, our investment fund selects the most sought-after art pieces and works to leverage the prices of its assets through constant marketing and promotion. In addition, we pursue a data-driven approach, targeting creators and digital artists that have large social media followings, which in turn are likely to increase the value of their NFTs in the market. Moreover, the Fund gets a minimum of 15% of earnings from every auction taking place at artèQ.


Why artèQ NFT Investment Fund?

The artèQ investment fund stands out in the crypto space because it is backed by actual NFT assets, unlike the regular investments that are essentially speculative. The fund catches up with the increasing market value of its art pieces, reflecting the real value of the artworks. The collections held by the fund also mirror the incremental growth of their artists. The more fame an artist gets, the higher the value of his or her works. The scarcity and uniqueness of our collections are meant to drive demand for our tokens; thus, our prices increase.