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Art works of Adrien JP Luxemburg-Wellenstein are owned by Bill Clinton “Seal of the President of the United States’ ‘ and Steven Spielberg: “The Tragic Clown Seducer”.
Adrien JP Luxemburg-Wellenstein is a kind of „progressivepainter and founder of (New) Chaos Art. As a progressive painter he works in oil and acrylics (on linen), as well as with complex mixed media. Adrien JP Luxemburg-Wellenstein also uses a special destruction technique to trigger a magical transfer of image information on a new media (e.g. paper, glas and linen) and initiates a melting process of two – previously independent works – into one or two new pieces of art (Twin Pictures).

For NFT, some of his previous analogous works are changed in composition, expression, colors and perspective and are „re-created“ digitally. The universal artist is also a book author, documentary filmmaker and photo artist.

„The partial demise of the old creates “New Art”, or “Chaos Art”, as a spiritual result“, says Adrien JP Luxemburg-Wellenstein. “Only when you are ready to „destroy ” what you have created before, you are capable of creating even better art.” With his chaos technique of destruction and resurrection Luxemburg-Wellenstein creates completely new and “unexpected” results (e.g. two twin works).

Joseph Heinrich Beuys abandoned his works to extinction, but Adrien Luxemburg-Wellenstein creates new, dynamic works of art through destruction – permanent “New Chaos Art”, as a result of chaos techniques. The focus of his work is on the unexpected, the unconscious of the human soul and the abyss of the hidden.