Daniel and Lucas Rachlé

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The focus of their work is on painterly design and remodeling of objects, textiles, antique furniture, and canvases. Their styles include graffiti, pop art, comic drawings to surrealist painting. Despite the intense coloration, the art of Rachlé-Art is fantastically amorphous, following the urge to capture the fantastic, leaving nothing to chance. Daniel and Lucas Rachlé use acrylic, oil and pigment paints to express their spontaneous artistic intent. Their genres range from street art, graffiti and comic book drawing to surrealist painting inspired by fantasy creatures, animals and nude female figures. The Rachlé brothers’ inspiration is both international (e.g. Nepal) and interstellar (Mars, Saturn).

With the delightful intention of combining the old with the new, they also hand-paint, among other things, high-quality antique furniture, or rather their fabric covers. Thus, the formal language of antique furniture of past centuries also enters into a symbiotic relationship with modern art. This gives us insight into the deliberate yet spontaneous process of guiding the viewer step by step to the artists’ intentions.