Davood Zandian

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His enthusiasm for experimentations in the field of image-making led him to a few cinematic experiences as well. He immigrated to Norway in 1986, but the subject of his paintings in recent years has remained largely related to Iran. Zandian has been a professional, ceaseless painter for many years, and his remarkable ability in painterly expression effectively influences his audience. Davood Zandian’s painting style is in step with a global mode of contemporary painting: expressiveness in drawing and colour, narrative attitude, a rejection of traditional standards of composition and design, juxtaposition of various picture planes and perspectives, and a refusal of idealizing the image. These are maintained through various styles and methods he experienced throughout his career, including a background in examining coffee-house painting, Safavid miniature, Russian realist painting, Odd Nerdrum’s apocalyptic scenes, and the artist’s experience of filmmaking.

Davood Zandian is a member of The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK), and the National Association of Norwegian Painters (LNM).