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Felicitas Schwenzer is a 25-year-old education and psychology student who lives in Hamburg, Germany. In the context of photography she also goes by her artist alias Ophelia. Though always fascinated by this particular art form, she only pursued her first steps in digital photography in 2019. Shortly after Felicitas switched to analogue medium format. It immediately became apparent that this method was the best practice to achieve the artistic expression Felicitas seeks to attain. From the beginning, Felicitas knew that she had a strong interest in human body shapes and therefore nude studies. A body offers endless perspectives, variations and abstractions. To her, portraying a nude body is one of the most timeless, intimate, honest and pure ways of photography. Felicitas is especially fond of composing with more than one person. Mirroring movements and amplifying shapes creates a whole different, sometimes even strange beauty. In her photographs, Felicitas aims to create a desexualisation of the nude, especially the female body and instead turn it into an artwork and instrument for emotional expressions.

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