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Through working interdisciplinary with different media such as performance, painting, sculpture, writing and film, she* is reflecting about society, community and gender. Her* approach to the art field is to cooperate and interact with other artists. Since 2016 she* is an active member of St. Pölten based arts and culture association “LAMES”. Currently together with the curator Dr. Andrea Domesle she* establishes the public art project “videocity” in Austria. In cooperation with the artist Valerie Holfeld, she* is working on the workshop “Performance, Kostüm & Chaos” and a performance project. Teamed up with the filmmaker and photographer Ian Gladilin she* is shooting a documentary about the recent developments at the “Verein für Kunst, Kultur und Natur am Spratzerner Kirchenweg 81-83 (LAMES/Sonnenpark)”.