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My work has the backbone of music. I walk and make non-literal records about it. I have already released a book on the popular samba circles in Rio, called RODAS. I wrote a book with short texts, stories and chronicles about photography, called Contos Fotográficos.

I exhibited in Paris, Monaco, Hamburg, Bremen, Venice, Amsterdam, Bagé (Brazil) among other cities, the photographic series, Mashup (Chaos A. D). I started presenting my new work, “Make me up Music”, I am still developing it, because I intend to get thirteen photographs.

When reading the biography of the band Kiss and thinking about musicians who, in addition to technical professionalism, have in their visual characteristics an intense identification in music. I went to research the classic images of the Mona Lisa made by Leonardo da Vinci and the Mozart painted by the Austrian Bárbara Kraft. I recreate portraits with the existing diversity in music and contemporary behavioral styles.