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From the business world to the art world, there is only one step. Such is the atypical history career of Tangier artist Mohamed Saïd Chair. After classical academic studies, he worked in a bank as a financial adviser and then chose the path of entrepreneurship. But the passion of Mohammed Saïd Chair for art conquered him and he decided in 2017 to fully devote himself to his passion. Drawing his inspiration from the figurative art of one of his mentors, Lucian Freud, he covers the heads of his characters with a cardboard box and manages to reveal ordinary scenes of life reflecting human decadence.

At Jardin Rouge, the artist questions if the figure of the superhero fascinates him. « Superheroes are part of a collective memory, a space that is created in common between all generations and all cultures. »

Using cardboard as a support and a technique of classical academic painting, Mohamed Saïd Chair extracts these super-heroes from their comic book universe, to transpose them into a contemporary context and make them true works of art.