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He uses the media of painting, performance, installation and video. In his artistic analysis he uses a kind of transhumanist science fiction template. With the help of body extensions, body optimizations, modifications, cyborgs, and technology, his paintings break down social codes, critically question them, reinterpret them, and re-explore body boundaries.
Concepts such as biopower (Foucault), transhumanist utopias and dystopias, ethics and gender are re-situated in his socio-political works.

In 2020 he received the scholarships from the Academy of Fine Arts: Art Start/Mentoring Program and Studio Program. He has exhibited at: MQ Vienna/Room D, xHIBIT/Vienna, Porn Film Festival Vienna/ Improper Walls, Siegmund Freud Museum/Vienna, WL4 Kunstraum/GDANSK, Aa Collectons/Vienna, VBKÖ/Vienna, Creatve Cluster/Vienna…