ArtèQ mints your NFT – We provide the green Fort Knox

ArtèQ takes your artwork to the crypto space, through NFT, or Non-fungible token. By minting an NFT your digital art becomes part of the Ethereum blockchain and can be sold, collected, owned, and exchanged on our marketplace.

Minting is a term borrowed from the monetary system, which means producing money by stamping a metal coin. In the context of crypto, minting is the computer process of validating information, creating a new block, and recording that information into the blockchain. When ArtèQ mint an NFT to your artwork, it becomes a digital asset.  NFT represents a permanent register of authenticity, ownership, and provenance.

As an artist, you may become part of the ArtèQ portfolio by uploading your work or getting it digitalized by our team. After that, our team will set up your wallet with ETH free of charge and start minting NFTs for your artwork. From this point on, you operate highly confidently and securely with state-of-the-art technology in the crypto space. The revenues generated by your art will be linked to your wallet, which means that you will always have the overview and control over sales and can thus directly watch your money portfolio grow and also make withdrawals independently after deducting the artèQ fees of 40%.