We provide the Green Fort Knox for your Art

ArtèQ takes your artwork to the crypto space, through NFT – a Non-fungible token. By minting an NFT your digital art is secured in the blockchain and can be sold and collected on our marketplace. ArtèQ strives to discover and support sustainable solutions for its operations on the blockchain.  

Minting is a term borrowed from the monetary system, which means producing money by stamping a metal coin. In the context of crypto, minting is the computer process of validating information, creating a new block, and recording that information into the blockchain. When ArtèQ mints an NFT of your artwork, it becomes a digital asset secured in a blockchain. NFT represents a permanent and immutable register of authenticity, ownership, and provenance of your artwork.

ArtèQ is fully aware of all the benefits that blockchain technology presents to the art world. Nonetheless, we also acknowledge the potential harm associated with crypto activities, such as electricity consumption and carbon emissions, caused by mining for cryptocurrencies. We are committed to our social and environmental responsibility and therefore we strive to become an environmentally friendly enterprise, operating as sustainably as possible. We 

As an artist, you may become part of the ArtèQ portfolio by submitting your work on our platform. After that, your artwork goes through a careful analysis and selection process, where only the best works are accepted. If there is a need for high-quality digitalization, our team will get in touch with you to arrange an appointment. After that, we will set up your wallet free of charge and start minting NFTs for your artwork. From this point on, you operate highly confidently and securely in the crypto-space backed by state-of-the-art technology.