artèQ | Pleasure & Pain By Helmut Grill


Pleasure & Pain By Helmut Grill

    Fri, Nov 12, 2021 10:10 AM

artèQ and Desiderio gallery present Pleasure & Pain, by Helmut Grill, an artist born in 1965 in Salzburg, Austria. To make us aware of the fractures, absurdities, and manipulations Grill uses photography within his critical examination of our time and social developments as a way of representation – a medium of reflection and a form of possibility. Fragments and excerpts of reality deepen and create new spheres that reflect and question the contrary of our reality, or what we call reality.



The show takes us to the worlds and amplitudes, from sacred temples to the metaverse, through its deliberate incisions of the homogenized heterogeneous. It invites us to dive into the possibilities of the hybrid, at the intersection of analog and digital art. 



artèQ is partnering up with Capacity Austria to bring the works of Grill to the NFT space for the first time. The exhibition is happening at Desiderio Gallery from 12th to 26th of November 2021 where visitors can appreciate the collection live. 


helmut grill