Delve into the
artèQ Mètapolitan

We Bring the Art World to You

artéQ builds the bridge between the traditional art community and the community around the crypto art movement, cultivating new forms of identity, culture, and exchange. Hence we establish galleries in existing virtual spaces and create our metaverse dedicated to art, The Mètapolitan.

Fusing analog and digital positions in arts into a vibrant community, Mètapolitan gathers museums, galleries, avant-garde, and underground art spaces from all over the world! We choose our cyber-flaneurs to go freely from one experience to another, without missing out on an event, losing time, and hastily booking flights to attend one. No artist needs to transport single artworks around the world to be shown. - We do bring the art world to you!

The best of all worlds is (...) the one, in which the new yields itself. Which has the capacity for novelty, for creativity.

- Gilles Deleuze

For the Youngsters in our Community

We set up an all-rounder by facilitating educational features and decent, secure applications. Each street name, each artwork in the artèQ Mètapolitan will have educational features, making it possible to explore the metaverse and have fun while learning about the history of art and technology in a safe and creative space.


Join our next NFT Exhibition

We establish a confluence point where digital/NFT and analog art seamlessly fuse, hosting regular exhibitions and events.


The Dynamic Crypto Art Movement

With the first NFT gallery in Vienna, artèQ has become a leading figure in introducing the dynamic crypto art movement to the Viennese audience. Mostly belonging to a younger generation, the selection of artists and the gallery program reflects the dynamic, steadily growing art world through the concept-oriented, interdisciplinary positions.