Important Update on artèQ Investment Fund Structure

    Sat, Dec 18, 2021 12:43 PM

 It has been decided by the artèQ Investment Fund’s management team to have all artèQ contracts - the ones to be deployed soon and the ones to be deployed in near or far future - managed by a multi-signature smart contract known as artèQ Admin Smart Contract. The smart contract is controlled by a group of 5 to 10 admin wallets and every administrative action taken by any artèQ contract requires an agreement of more than half of the admin wallets. As the initial admin wallets, the following 6 accounts have been defined. A quorum of 4 votes is needed to agree upon a certain action.


  1. 0xbf49C5eBE1FabBAcd645098Fcd2abe294A8Fc145 Dr. Michael Kraus [email protected]
  2. 0x71F62690A184C7a210E13195A289C46b4E45cfE6 Katherina Kraus [email protected]
  3. 0x548730EF6C35CCaC1Caa7772c2F24d153Ef3b1d9 Farbod Sadeghian [email protected]
  4. 0x230570b469886beFbbC87CDA34b2a92A17Bd2C4A Kam Amini [email protected]
  5. 0x2a6c2a875d54D431996A415B5cc45493e634b15E Fabian Wellschmied [email protected]
  6. 0xf4440d0963c986178b025832a6729A312Dd07b8b Stephan Kothgasser [email protected]