Secure and Cutting-edge Digital Reproduction of your Art Pieces

The first step to take an analog art piece into the digital world is the digitalization process itself. ArtèQ uses high-resolution photography and 3D scanning to launch digital reproduction of physical artworks that are as precise as possible.

We use cutting-edge technology to guarantee optimal reproduction of artworks. Large format scanners provide a gentle and contact-free digitalization of your masterpiece. We work with UV-free LED light and low surface heating to avoid any unnecessary stress. Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with a special illumination scheme to prevent any reflection and shadow formation. Thanks to our regularly tested color management and staff expertise, we achieve a true to real-color digitalization.

For object scanning, we employ a multidisciplinary team of photographers, restorers, designers, and 3D specialists. We approach art objects with an eye for the essentials, creating a digital concept of the piece. Our many years of handling 3D data and expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtual exhibition is the guarantee that your work will be perfectly represented in the digital space.