We host a Powerful NFT Auction House

artèQ pioneers an innovative auction system in the booming NFT space. We are building channels to provide artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts with new mechanisms and a marketplace to sell, buy and exchange value in art.


The art pieces turned into an NFT are published on the ArtèQ crypto art marketplace where auctions take place. Our focus is on bringing the classic, modern, and contemporary art masterpieces into the digital space and linking a whole new audience with high-quality art. With fractional ownership, artèQ makes blue-chip investments more accessible. Similar to blue-chip stocks in concept, investing in work from established artists is a reliable, long-term investment.

Our auctions attract a large number of collectors, dealers as well as artists, and designers. We handle all the complex technology to make it happen. The whole thing is a reliable game of ownership, investment, and creative exchange on the Ethereum blockchain that is set by democratic rules.