About artèQ


artèQ was born on the principle of taking traditional art beyond the galleries and museums’ walls. We are a team of art lovers and technology enthusiasts who joined forces to create a full-stack blockchain agency and NFT auction house to introduce classic, modern, and contemporary art masterpieces to the digital world.

We transform analog art into NFT – a non-fungible token. NFT is a unique digital asset stored in the Ethereum blockchain as a certificate of authenticity, provenance, and ownership. By minting an NFT, a digital artwork becomes part of a public registry that is immutable and tamper-proof.

We aim to empower traditional artists to monetize the digital version of their work through NFTs. artèQ takes down the barriers to enter the art market by establishing a democratic and safe space for artists to sell digital artworks often taken for granted in the virtual space.

As a powerful NFT Auction House, artèQ provides art lovers and collectors with the chance to bid on amazing artwork from several promising artists from all over the world with a few clicks and some cryptocurrency. With fractional ownership, artèQ makes blue-chip art investment more accessible to anyone interested.

“My hope is for artèQ to become the first community brand for analog art in the Digital Art Space and pave the way for other analog Art Stakeholders like Galleries, Museums, Auction Houses to start launching collections through NFT. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ NFTs will have a huge merger with the analog art world, but ‘when.’ For artèQ, the ‘when’ is now, and we are prepared to pioneer this shift.”

Farbod Sadeghian, artèQ founder