artèQ | NFT Investment Capital

artèQ is the first investment platform for buying and selling shares representing an investment in iconic NFT projects and Digital Artworks.

We build a diversified portfolio of expertlyvetted works curated by our industry leading expert team with investing in artèQ.

How artèQ works


We find the best projects and artworks which have the most momentum.


Purchase or partner in the projects at the best price


Secure the assets on blockchain and create the NFTs


Launch on various partner platforms based on the project type.

arteQ Holders Financial Benefits


Market Price
(By Market Demand)


Market Price
(Increase of asset Value)


Staking up to 4%


Verified NFT ProjectsStaking up to 3.5%


VIP Whitelisting and
Exclusive Drops


$ARTEQ as currency for
our exclusive projects

In such times of inflation, art has a hedge against it, inflation hit a 40 year high in 2022, art has always demonstrated strong real appreciation in high inflation periods.


$ARTEQ first CEX listing on BitMart

artèQ is taking the next step of its listing journey to enter the Centralized Exchange (CEX) market with BitMart, a leading crypto exchange with millions of users globally.

$ARTEQ first CEX listing on MEXC Global

artèQ continues its journey with MEXC Global, a centralized exchange that provides a high-performance mega-transaction matching technology.

Why invest in artèQ

Art, innovation, and technology merge into a passionate collective of experts utilizing the potential of blockchain to democratize art investment.


Our collections include traditional fine arts as well as modern digital art mindfully curated by our experts. We team up with leading museums and galleries worldwide to enable investment in iconic NFT art. Our token exists to appreciate the asset value collected within the Capital.


ARTEQ token exists to appreciate the asset- value collected within the Capital. Approved by Certik, the ARTEQ Token is available on main Decentralized Exchanges, such as UNISWAP.


artèQ token presents amazing prospects in the form of utilities to investors (aka token holders). Spread across three levels, namely bronze, silver, and gold, the utilities are unlocked according to the number of tokens held, raging from museum tickets to staking possibilities.


Be part of the upcoming artèQ DAO and participate in core decisions such as in which art, projects, or artists to invest next. Join a strong community and become a decision maker to shape our collection.

How to Invest

We use our Ethereum-based token to help you cut through the noise and invest in NFTs with ease. To get started investing with us and enjoying all the prospects, buy $ARTEQ. The token is currently available on the decentralized exchange UNISWAP and on the leading Centralized Exchange BitMart. Get it now!

Become an artèQ Artist

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your art pieces! Submit your analog, digital or NFT art today and take the chance to be future on our Certified Auction House.