Frauen & Mozart - Portraits & Nudes by Oskar Stocker

    Tue, May 3, 2022 1:46 PM

artèQ Gallery is opening the doors to welcome the exhibition FRAUEN & MOZART - Portraits & Nudes by Oskar Stocke, on the 10th of May, 2022. The show happens simultaneously with the exhibition Mozart & Frauen at the Mozarthaus in Vienna.

Unlike the portraits at the Mozarthaus, the aesthetics of the exhibition at artèQ Gallery reveals a contemporary reference subtly to the limits of our perception and expressive characters in red.

Turning away from the clichéd, the similar, and the iconic, Oskar Stocker starts from the word origin of the portrait in his countless sketches of women: coming from the Latin pro-trahere, which means "to draw forth".  He is concerned with the character of the opera role he focuses on.

The subtle play with the limits of our perception manifests itself in the paintings, and portraits, of historical women from Mozart's environment. However, the artist portrays the initially familiar-looking images of well-known persons, such as the mother, Constanze, and others, with the help of a single model.

About the artist:

Oskar Stocker (1956) lives and works in Graz and Vienna, Austria. He is considered an outstanding portraitist which is evidenced by his made since 2010 as part of the television program erLesen. Oskar Stocker became internationally known through the exhibition Facing Nations, which showed more than 120 citizens of Graz of different nations in portraits, first in Graz, then in Vienna, and as a highlight in 2010 at the UN headquarters in New York.

A cheerful, buoyant atmosphere awaits you! 
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