artèQ | Hybrid : the biggest NFTexhibition in Vienna by artèQ


Hybrid : the biggest NFTexhibition in Vienna by artèQ

    Fri, May 21, 2021 9:24 AM


Is there a point where analog and digital overlap?



Hybrid: The first NFT event in Vienna, Austria, powered by artèQ.


On the 21st of May, artèQ presented Hybrid, Austria’s first NFT exhibition at the interface of analog and digital art at Desiderio Gallery in the heart of Vienna. The exhibition marked the beginning of a cutting-edge art movement powered by ArtèQ, as a key enabler in the NFT space. 



Hybrid showcased 128 works by almost 60 national and international artists merged - including well-known names such as "art contraire", "Kiyan Forootan", "Johnson Tsang", "Danny Bittencourt" and "Milan Mladenovic" - to a provocative tête-à-tête of analog and digital. 



The first-of-its-kind art event promoted talks, roundtables, shows, and screenings of soon-to-be NFTs curated by artèQ. The main goal of the event was to introduce artists, collectors, and curators to this new way of creating and exchanging value in art. 



“We want to establish seamless integration of the traditional and digital art market and empower established and young talented artists to explore the possibilities of crypto art”, said the Desiderio Gallery Director. More than 300 people visited the exhibition that took place over two weeks.