From Vienna to Miami, learn about how artèQ is shaping the NFT space.

    Mon, Mar 14, 2022 12:37 PM



We have just started what promises to be a cheering year for NFT Art and we want to celebrate it with you!


Let’s get down to our latest news :




IPFS for Green Solutions

Seeking to find more sustainable solutions without compromising the safety of our projects, we are moving our metadata in the IPFS to Polygon for all our future NFT projects while Ethereum blockchain remains our main network.




artèQ Token

With our artèQ Token, we ensure decentralized playfully light swapping in the metaverse. Five reasons why you should hold ARTEQ:



A Long Journey to Peace

We are excited to announce our next exhibition at Vienna’s first NFT gallery :



Exhibition Opening:30 March 2022, 17:00
Exhibition hours:31 March - 14 April, 12:00 - 20:00
Venue:artèQ Gallery, Johannesgasse 17, 1010, Vienna

artèQ gallery proudly opens its doors to receive A LONG JOURNEY TO PEACE, by the photojournalist, philanthropist, idealist, and humanist Reza Deghati.

The show features a selection of some of Reza’s works throughout the years when he worked in zones of conflict and instability. The exhibition collection raises awareness about the dimensions of destruction caused by such dramatic episodes while showing the amount of effort required to rebuild those once-vibrant communities.

Deghati was always in the eye of the storm, including conflicts and catastrophes. Whether bliss or despair, through his lens and the people he met along the way, he captured some of the most important historical events of our Humanity. Where hope arises from the ashes of war is where worldwide renowned lens-based artist and photojournalist Reza Deghati reveals the truth through his imagery. Photography is his way to communicate, encourage, respect, and rouse thoughts.


About Deghati:

The Paris-based French photographer quit architecture in 1979 in favor of photography, starting a long journey across more than 100 countries in the most turbulent moments in those nations’ history. Published in international media, Reza creates outstanding art installations and exhibitions and participates in documentaries worldwide. Author of thirty-five books, recipient of many awards, he has been recognized by World Press Photo, the Infinity Award, the Lucy Award, received an honorary medal from the University of Missouri, and the honorary degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the American University of Paris.



Spectrum Miami 2022

In cooperation with The Analog Film Photography Association, we will exhibit at the Spectrum Miami 2022 in Los Angeles. We are thrilled to take the works of our NFT artists to one of the leading fairs during Miami Art Week.


Spectrum Miami is a curated art fair presenting over 150 independent career artists, studios, and younger galleries that are pushing the boundaries in surprising and significant ways. Spectrum Miami attracts thousands of visitors and collectors. It is the best fair for emerging artists to stake a claim for their careers.


The Analog Film Photography Association (AFPA) is an Orlando-based organization that exists to promote art created from analog film cameras. The AFPA allows artists to showcase their work in a gallery setting and promotes them with the highest standard, which encourages public appreciation.




Sneak Peek

Get ready for the upcoming artist of the month:

The award-winning Graphic Designer





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