The first "The Kiss" NFT Community Event

    Wed, May 11, 2022 12:01 PM



Yesterday we had our first "The Kiss" NFT Community event live on YouTube directly from Upper Belvedere Museum, where the masterpiece from Gustav Klimt reigns magnificently.

The Belvedere Museum is the institution that holds the largest collection of Gustav Klimt's works worldwide, therefore being able to broadcast directly from such an environment was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It felt fantastic to connect with holders from all over and listen to Wolfgang Bergmann, CFO of the museum, talk about how groundbreaking the project was and how it is inspiring other Museums to explore the NFT and Metaverse space.

In addition to that, we talked about the plans for the future and how holders can get involved with the project through the Ambassador Program.

A big thank you to the the Belvedere team for making this event possible.