artèQ | "The Kiss" NFT at Art Busan, South Korea


"The Kiss" NFT at Art Busan, South Korea

    Mon, May 16, 2022 12:50 PM

The Kiss NFT by Gustav Klimt at Art Busan in South Korea.

Art lovers, who landed up at Art Busan last week, could learn more about The Kiss NFT by Gustav Klimt. Art Busan is the 2nd most important art fair in South Korea and receives thousands of visitors from all over. The Kiss NFT project gained an outstanding booth at the fair.

The event also hosted live Art Busan Conversations which this year's topic was reframing the boundaries: NFT art. Wolfgang Bergmann , Belvedere CFO, was invited as a speaker to talk about the Kiss NFT and how the project is redefining the way we think of art. 



Watch Mr. Bergmann live talk (in German and Korean) for Art Busan Conversation on YouTube.

Timestamp: from 5:22:18 to 6:03:06