Update on the new artèQ token

    Sat, May 14, 2022 12:54 PM

We’re glad to announce that we’ve reached a major milestone regarding token migration with the token redistribution and availability of public trades on Uniswap. However, the migration process is not yet completed. Major distributions, especially to the vested wallets, will be carried out soon. The token balance on CMC is now up-to-date and we expect Coingecko to update it any time soon.

Import the new token into your wallet
Please note that the new artèQ token needs to be imported into your wallet again. Beware that both the old and the new token have the same ticker, namely ARTEQ. Therefore, to avoid confusion, we recommend removing the old token from your wallet before importing the new one. Remember to use the new Smart Contract Address to import the new token into your crypto wallet: 0x805C2077f3ab224D889f9c3992B41B2F4722c787

Furthermore, we’ll announce more details about the next steps soon. Thank you for bearing with us. The upcoming months will be very important for our token promotion and we’re prepared to take the project to the next stage